Dherbs Day 17

Hello my peeps.

So, the cleanse is winding down.  It’s been a long 20 days.

We have made it through the entire process.

Have we cheated? Indeed.

Have we stuck to the plan 90% of the time? Indeed

Was it worth it? Indeed

Would I cleanse again with Dherbs? Indeed, but with some meal alterations.

We have just 3 more days to go and it has been a journey. NOT very eventful, but nevertheless,  a journey to share.

I will give a brief testimony on the last day.

Oh yeah, my hubby and I had our first enema a couple days ago. I will back track to tell you guys how that went over.

Stay tuned

Disclaimer: We do not represent, implied or expressed, the Dherbs brand.  We have simply tried the product and are providing our feedback as to our personal journey.

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