The Truth about Facebook

I’m about to dispel a truth to you.  You may have already discovered this truth, but I will talk about it and show my proof positive for the people on my Facebook page anyway.

There are a lot of very highly respected people on the internet that proclaim to show you how to make lots of money on Facebook and advertise your business “The right way.”

images3J8CQXD8I have found Facebook is not for selling.  Facebook is a personal space for sharing, bragging, consoling, praying, etc.  It’s a place where people want to go to visit their friends, snoop on people who they wish were really their friends, and even just take a break from their own lives to see how their friends and family members are doing.

Facebook isn’t a bad place, it’s actually a positive place for those who want to make it positive.  One place that Facebook is not is a place to hard sell your opportunity, goods, and/or services.  However, adding one point, Facebook can sell to everyone, but it doesn’t work for personal individuals.

One of the first things most Direct Marketing companies will tell you is to make a list of 100 people who you would like to share your opportunity with.  You immediately think, “Woah, I have 600+ friends on Facebook and these people really like me.”  You immediately begin jotting names of people from your Facebook page on your list and you begin to legitimately share your opportunity on your page only to find that NO ONE LIKES OR COMMENTS on your post.  Hmmm, what happened.  They always comment and like the things I put on Facebook, except when there is an opportunity or product attached.  Yep, that’s the way it is.

It’s really blatant so I’m writing this for you not to think it’s just you that they are dissing — it’s just about everyone I know too.  No one wants to be hassled.  They just want to use Facebook the way they want to and they don’t want to be sold an opportunity or a product unless they approach you first or unless they see you are living a lavish lifestyle and they want a piece of the same caking your eating.

I recently posted something on Facebook and I received exactly 3 like and that was from my friend and sponsor in my business, and the other 2 was from some really trusted friends who genuinely care & will respond if they are compelled to.  I decided to test the exact same post, but remove the web address and product.  Guess what, I received comments and more likes.

WOW ! ! Did people feel obligated to buy if they liked or commented? I guess so.  What do you think?

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