Caffeine engages your metabolism

Caffeine can be a good engagement for your weight management program.

Caffeine is a stimulant. What this means is tbat it is a substance that will assist your body in burning off the fat that you are putting into it.

Caffeine can be very beneficial as becaude it can help your body work off the fat by burning it.

Keep in mind that this can also increase the amount of fat that you are burning while you are working out and exercising. 

Green tea has EGCG
 in it. That is one major substance that is able to help your body when it comes to increasing your metabolism. 

EGCG will help stop the breakdown of the hormone norepinephrine. As this happens, your body will continue to break down fat.  The end result– the fat in your body will be broken down and sent into the body. It can then be used by the body as energy. 

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