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me2_motgWhere do I start?There’s a lot about me, but I don’t want to go into everything so I will just say that I’m excited to start another blog and I want to keep this one going so you can be inspired and motivated to keep up with me and keep your posts coming.

I’m not sure I want you to expect me to list my current weight on this blog site, but I will let you know when I reach my attainable goal and what I’m doing to get there.  Yep, I’m still one of those women who doesn’t like to tell her weight or age.  Weight more so than age LOL

I will post some photos throughout the site.

I will tell you this much:

I am married to a wonderful gentleman who happens to be my high school sweetheart.
We have two lovely children.  One in College and One in High School.

We love to go to church. Pray. Pray for others. Cook and Eat

Love ya and hope to add more ABOUT ME at a later time.

Stay tuned, grab a seat, drink some coffee, and invite a friend or two.





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