Dherbs Day 7


Hey Peeps, today is Day 7 of our full body herbal cleanse.   We had to go out of town (Louisiana) for family business this weekend so, needlesss to say, we fell of the wagon for one night.  We were not prepared enough to travel on the road and have everything readily available to eat everything we needed to eat. For the cleanse.   It’s very difficult to stay on track if you are don’t prepare.

Things I did pack and prepare :

  1. 2 small bowls of spimach & strawberry  salads with lemons.
  2. 1 lemon and 1 Avocado
  3. Bags of nuts (pecans, almonds, and Brazil)  we didn’t eat pecans until the drive home.
  4. Our full body cleanse herbal pills.

On the way to Louisiana, we found a grocery store and purchased a couple Naked Juices (2 fruit and 2 veggie)


Our extended  family wanted to eat dinner at a nice sit down restaurant. This restaurant didn’t have amy house salads im the menu, only large salads with shrimp, chicken, ot crawfish.  However,  I asked the server and we did get to order them for our dinner.

We ordered a house salad with oil and vinegar.   Omg, everyone’s food looked so good.  This was so difficult.

Here is the locker,  we left that restaurant,  went to our hotel, took a shower,  then went to a local retaurant–Red Robin.   This was our splurge.  My husband and I ordered chicken sandwiches.  Mine (630 calories)

Physical body update:

I’ve been getting these sharp excruciating pains in my side, upper ribs, and lower rib areas.  I’m unsure if it’s because my body is missing some nutrient or what, but it hurts.   I’m going to keep an eye on it.  The pains feel like muscle spasms.

I’ve also had sharp pains in my caves.  Maybe I need more potassium.

I have lost 11.2 lbs as of today. Yipie !!! And I have so much more energy.

Stay tuned

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