Do you heed your doctors advice?

I went to my primary care provider a couple days ago to get refills on prescriptions, as well as an updated specialist referral.

They also decided to do bloodwork to review some numbers that were a little off.

The next day I received a phone call from the doctor’s office, which was a bit unnerving.

I’m sure some of you can understand what I’m talking about, right?

The nurse assistant on the other end proceeded going over my test results and tell me what the doctor recommends.

Light goes off in my head.

I’m not getting any younger so, I’d better follow instructions if I want to maintain my life here on earth. I have been kicking around the idea of the following lifestyle changes for a while:

  1. Pescatarian
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Vegan

I really dont like labels, but what I do know is that I have to revamp my eating habits, although I don’t think I eat bad at all, except when I’m eating outside my home. I believe eating at home is the better choice (it saves money too ).

When we eat at home, we know exactly what’s in our food because we are preparing it ourselves.

Nevertheless, I’m going to start logging my foods again so that I can get a general idea just what I’m putting in my mouth.

In the past I’ve used different logging methods and apps like myfitnesspal, but recently I purchased Noom. It was good in the beginning, but I guess I got bored and fell off that wagon. I still have the app on my phone and it allows me to input my daily foods without paying for the membership again.

Today is the first day I’m starting to track my foods again.

Do you have a food diary? If so why and so you use it every day?

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