Eating habits ending in –arian

A discussion on Aranism.

Arian (suffix)- A person who practices or believes in something .

There are many labels given to everything, from people to animals.

Some are good, bad, or indifferent.

We recently visited a close relative. We had a discussion about eating habits. She went on to tell me that her son is a pescetarian.


I asked what was a pesca–what? I knew it had to be on the lines of a Vegetarian.

Yes, I was right.

A pescetarian is person that chooses to eat fish or shrimp/seafood. However, pescetarians are just another branch of Vegetarians.

I learned something new. Nevertheless, this intrigued me to do more research on other types of “arians” that may suit me better.

I personally think I need to eat a smidgen of protein. So, guess what? There is a name for that too. It’s called Flexitarian.

A Flexitarian is a vegetarian that chooses to eat chicken along with a more plant based diet.

Hmm, what about a Flexi-pescatarian ? A person who chooses to eat chicken & seafood, with a plant based diet. (I thought I just made that up, but as soon as I googled it, it was already out there)

Whatever you choose to call yourself, just eat4urlife.

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