Don’t Lose Focus

e4L1Don’t lose your focus

Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t lose your focus. There is a reason you started on this weight loss journey. Purpose to remember your WHY.

  • Do you like what you see in the mirror?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your clothes?
  • Do you like buying new clothes?

There are numerous reasons WHY we decide to change our age old habits.

Maybe you were diagnosed with an ailment so the doctor suggested you lose a bit of extra pounds that have taken up residence in your body.

Maybe you saw a beautiful outfit at a store that You would love to have.

Maybe you went through a breakup and you want to start anew.

No matter what your reasoning for wanting to make changes to better your health, it”s o.k.

Keeping pushing forward. If you fall off the wagon one day, don’t beat yourself up. Get up, brush yourself off, and start where you left off.

This battle is between you and you. I say you are made for much more and you will succeed.

Stay focused. Stay focused.

Talk soon


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